people are irritated at beyonce’s ambition

Baddie BeyForked tongues stay pressed. The woman that women secretly love to hate but really want to be strikes again for Vogue Britain. Chick is ON IT and is unapologetic for staying on TOP and why the fuck should she? Like Oprah says: the amount of success you experience depends on the amount of criticism you can take and Big Mama O ain’t neva lied. The truth of the matter is people cannot stand Beyonce’s success. It really boils down to the fact that people feel that Beyonce has experience too much success for way too long and that fact that she refuses to go way into the the abyss of irrelevancy or fall back mode really cooks people’s grits. Word to the wise people: Beyonce loves what the fucks she does and will do it until they carry her away kicking and screaming like the diva she is!!! And if you’ve got Tina Turner snatching Vogue Covers at 73 you’ll either be dead or old and fucking grey before B’s goes into retirement.

Men never have to defend their ambition and B shouldn’t have to defend hers. She looks great and she works hard for the money. Continue to kiss her ass cheeks with your forked tongue you confused stans and continue to take notes in witnessing a person who isn’t afraid to take it to the top.

supposed to be different: janelle monae

Janelle Monae for Dried Up Essence...I don’t have a personal problem with Janelle Monae. I just have a few gripes. Her natural beauty is undeniable, her smile…killer, her skin…flawless, her doe eyed features and supple brown baby girl skin certainly contrast again the endless bots of red bones in music but….

her voice is a bag of mangled and strangled cats. See here.

Janelle Monae has a marginally generic voice and I believe that sometimes people are so hungry for something different that we’re too quick to give props to someone simply because they wear a different suit and you can thank the Angela Davis’s of the natural hair community for that. Those woman seem to handout a glaring amount of kudos to women simply cause they’ve rock fake locks , a fake fro, and now Janelle’s Pompadour.

But back to her “you wan’t it to be good but it falls short” irritating voice. Her voice lacks gravity, character and that something special that makes you feel like she’s lived through some things. No apologies here. Pretty and “Oh you so different” ain’t enough to move my soul, spirit, or my neck. If Ashanti, Ciara, Estelle, Cassie, Rita Ora, and Rihanna had The Roots as their backup for a song they’d kill it too. Nevertheless I can’t pick Janelle’s voice out of a police lineup and that saddens me.

And why come Essence got this spry young lady looking like she’s at my Granny’s church convention deacon board meeting? A silk blouse and press and curl…#girlbye

audio safari: I hope you learn your lesson

Get Better Fool and Do it for your damn kids!

TMZ owes Wayne an apology for announcing that the family pastor came to Wayne’s hospital bedside for final respects but Wayne also owes the Till Family an even bigger one for disrespecting their kin and entire legacy and comparing a floating in the river beat unrecognizable lynched fourteen year old boy to beating up red bone pussy. Wayne. Now that your ass has tongue kissed the grim reaper that should teach your recklessly over tatted Gremlin ass not to make light by crossing unnecessary boundaries to entertain suburban white kids who are thirsty for the audio safari. Plus your kids need you and their baby mamas need their child support checks.

cover love: bruno mars for GQ


Bruno looks like an experimental mashup of Sammy Davis Jr & Johnny Mathis but his little ass is full of originality and at least he’s not a bottle of Xanax when live performing. Right now I’m a little irritated that the male faces of R&B are now pushing for ambiguity (First Bruno and now that Blexican Miguel) but both have unmanufactured talent so I’ll tread lightly with the shade and reserve that for Justin Timberfake.  Besides I’m not attracted to men who need high chairs but I also understand that everything ain’t for everybody…but who am I fooling maybe underneath those shiny skinny pants lives a stallion….um…#probablynot.

bang your head on this!


And the feeding frenzy of thirsty dehydrated Internet piranha’s ensue.

Beyonce. The only thing I can tell you is to don’t say shit or put yourself near any position where you have to defend your choices on the music that comes out of your fucking heart. Don’t defend, sing national anthems at press conferences, play dumb with NFL jocks, or make anymore HBO specials about how isolated you are and how lonely being at the top is. Just fucking continue to live and fuck your rich #horsecock husband because you have nothing left to prove to simps. You work hard and you’re about your money so why the fuck does that need defending? Just raise your beautiful fucking baby girl; that in of itself will make you forget about all this fucking mentally ill madness.Rip a page out of Rihanna’s “don’t give a fuck kiss my narrow yellow ass book” and don’t look back or you’ll be like Lot’s wife. Rhi learned on some super early early shit to make her damnself happy (it’s one of the benefits of having a crackhead daddy) and now nigs just know that she gives zero fucks about riding dirty in the same car that Chris con caved her face in. She’s fucking happy and she loves that dance his ass off half-wit psychotic ninja. She doesn’t allow the cowardly self-righteous who act like they’ve “never hopped on the wrong dick” to invade her holy ground. And when Chris isn’t around she dry humps purple haze, snatches magazine covers and flashes her ass crack for kicks. Period end of story.

Just remember who you are because these over critical “like you drowned their puppy” assholes have no good intentions for your legacy or your life. They want your baby to have a touch of downs, they want Jay to be caught with his dick in a jar of Kanye peanut butter, and more importantly they really want to see your ass fall down a flight of stairs on a banana peel in front of Keisha, Keri, Ciara, Ashanti, Gaga, Brandy, Kelly and those other three non singing ass rejects that your daddy kindly kicked to the curb. The public is now on code-orange blood thirsty type level for you. Thank heavens for Mama Tina and her roots boxes. They keep you and baby blue out of harms way. The devil is a lie!

Just remember that America has always been uncomfortable with too much success for one person #Oprah #Barack #Cosby #Jordan #Kobe #Tiger’s simp ass and nigs simply repeat what they’ve been taught. Instead of admitting that they hate themselves and their miserable lives they’ll blame you cause it’s just more fucking fun when it’s done that way. You’ve just got to let them stew in their toxics juices till the meat slides off their bones. Bow Down is a chopped and screwed headbanger and it’s about damn time you slap the stupidity of perfection in the mouth and tell it to have a good day.

Defender of Money.

honest thoughts: cock blocking the hustle


But not for the reason’s that you think. Remember. I defend money.

Shawty Lo need to pay his bills and take care of his pickanannies just like everybody else in America so I would never sign a dumber than dumb impotent petition to save the image of the black race. You a little late if that’s your goal. There’s no arguing that this situation is a hotfuckingcarpileup of fuckery but reality shows are in the business of ratings and cashing those advertising dollar checks. It’s called show business for a reason. No business no show.

I think folks get their panties in a bunch because somehow Shawty Lo’s individually poor choices & his count em “10” baby mamas somehow stir up a lot of shame black folk wanna pretend don’t exist. So I get it. You don’t white folks knowing your dirty laundry as if they don’t already know the stats of black unwedded mothers. They don’t get stomach cramps over Honey Boo Boo so why  are we so shame about well…reality?

Yeah. That’s it. Black people be so shame. Yet Love & Hip Hop, Atlanta Housewives, and Basketball wives are your pride and joy, the bread and butter of these ratchet networks and the cha-ching of Mona Scott Love’s bank account. Y’all trippin. Right now Joe Budden & Stevie “hung like a horse” J are getting more face time on TV than Don Cheadle. Where’s the fucking petition for that? Thank God for Keri “Bobble Head” Washington for fucking the president in tight closets on Scandal to balance things out. (She play the hell out of that role don’t she?)

Listen yall. Shawty Lo is not me and he isn’t fucking you. So why then the hell do you care a rat’s hot  asshole how this man makes his paper to take care of his? You sure as hell ain’t gonna do it. Those growing babies gotta eat and food don’t jump in the fridge! When Nadia Octomom Sulemon went and fucked with her uterus she was left with the consequences of her choices and resorted to face down ass up porn. Yes. Porn feeds her babies! Didn’t nobody come to her rescue because guess what? They weren’t supposed to. If ninjas was so concerned then whycome when Bill Cosby spoke out on the hot ghetto messes of typical nigga shit yall roasted him like a broiled bunny? That’s some real bi-polar shit right there. That’s what shame do. It make you insane.

Shawty Lo is an unfortunate situation for a gazillion reasons but him getting that reality TV monay might be this ninja’s smartest move yet. Now move the fuck on, represent yourself and close ya legs to married men and loafer bumbs who impregnate and dip on you. BTW Shawty’s daughter is a cute as fuck chocolate doll.

baddie bey.


I fucking love Beyonce. Not to the point where I’m willing to inhale her farts for a buzz; but enough to respect how far she’s allowed her talent, drive and beauty to take her.  The bile and virtrol are a part of the price of the ticket in being too fabulous for words. This chick got the world in the palm of her hand and it cooks people’s grits.  Instead of revealing that Baby Blue is mentally retarded (you know that’s what people are salivating for); this woman had the audacity to pull this stunt. But eff that. This is America. Land of Milk and Honey and voyeurism.  Baddie B’s getting that money legally and there ain’t a damn thing you can do about it!

And for the record: GQ magazine is not for you bitter, resentful insecure wenches. This mag is for men and the woman who want to be like her even when there too sore in the asshole to admit it. The magazine business is in the business of staying in business and the publishing industry is feeling really insecure right now. And like it or not Baddie Bey sells and men with horn dog dicks big and small will surely eat this cover up for breakfast, lunch and dinner. And another dayum. People take Baddie Bey’s success way too fucking personal. If they didn’t care they wouldn’t click on blog posts and froth at the mouth.  We all know there’s a lot of insecure mental patients hiding behind their cowardly screen’s.

To fucking success,

Defender of Money.