baddie bey.


I fucking love Beyonce. Not to the point where I’m willing to inhale her farts for a buzz; but enough to respect how far she’s allowed her talent, drive and beauty to take her.  The bile and virtrol are a part of the price of the ticket in being too fabulous for words. This chick got the world in the palm of her hand and it cooks people’s grits.  Instead of revealing that Baby Blue is mentally retarded (you know that’s what people are salivating for); this woman had the audacity to pull this stunt. But eff that. This is America. Land of Milk and Honey and voyeurism.  Baddie B’s getting that money legally and there ain’t a damn thing you can do about it!

And for the record: GQ magazine is not for you bitter, resentful insecure wenches. This mag is for men and the woman who want to be like her even when there too sore in the asshole to admit it. The magazine business is in the business of staying in business and the publishing industry is feeling really insecure right now. And like it or not Baddie Bey sells and men with horn dog dicks big and small will surely eat this cover up for breakfast, lunch and dinner. And another dayum. People take Baddie Bey’s success way too fucking personal. If they didn’t care they wouldn’t click on blog posts and froth at the mouth.  We all know there’s a lot of insecure mental patients hiding behind their cowardly screen’s.

To fucking success,

Defender of Money.