people are irritated at beyonce’s ambition

Baddie BeyForked tongues stay pressed. The woman that women secretly love to hate but really want to be strikes again for Vogue Britain. Chick is ON IT and is unapologetic for staying on TOP and why the fuck should she? Like Oprah says: the amount of success you experience depends on the amount of criticism you can take and Big Mama O ain’t neva lied. The truth of the matter is people cannot stand Beyonce’s success. It really boils down to the fact that people feel that Beyonce has experience too much success for way too long and that fact that she refuses to go way into the the abyss of irrelevancy or fall back mode really cooks people’s grits. Word to the wise people: Beyonce loves what the fucks she does and will do it until they carry her away kicking and screaming like the diva she is!!! And if you’ve got Tina Turner snatching Vogue Covers at 73 you’ll either be dead or old and fucking grey before B’s goes into retirement.

Men never have to defend their ambition and B shouldn’t have to defend hers. She looks great and she works hard for the money. Continue to kiss her ass cheeks with your forked tongue you confused stans and continue to take notes in witnessing a person who isn’t afraid to take it to the top.


supposed to be different: janelle monae

Janelle Monae for Dried Up Essence...I don’t have a personal problem with Janelle Monae. I just have a few gripes. Her natural beauty is undeniable, her smile…killer, her skin…flawless, her doe eyed features and supple brown baby girl skin certainly contrast again the endless bots of red bones in music but….

her voice is a bag of mangled and strangled cats. See here.

Janelle Monae has a marginally generic voice and I believe that sometimes people are so hungry for something different that we’re too quick to give props to someone simply because they wear a different suit and you can thank the Angela Davis’s of the natural hair community for that. Those woman seem to handout a glaring amount of kudos to women simply cause they’ve rock fake locks , a fake fro,¬†and now Janelle’s Pompadour.

But back to her “you wan’t it to be good but it falls short” irritating voice. Her voice lacks gravity, character and that something special that makes you feel like she’s lived through some things. No apologies here. Pretty and “Oh you so different” ain’t enough to move my soul, spirit, or my neck. If Ashanti, Ciara, Estelle, Cassie, Rita Ora, and Rihanna had The Roots as their backup for a song they’d kill it too. Nevertheless I can’t pick Janelle’s voice out of a police lineup and that saddens me.

And why come Essence got this spry young lady looking like she’s at my Granny’s church convention deacon board meeting? A silk blouse and press and curl…#girlbye