bang your head on this!


And the feeding frenzy of thirsty dehydrated Internet piranha’s ensue.

Beyonce. The only thing I can tell you is to don’t say shit or put yourself near any position where you have to defend your choices on the music that comes out of your fucking heart. Don’t defend, sing national anthems at press conferences, play dumb with NFL jocks, or make anymore HBO specials about how isolated you are and how lonely being at the top is. Just fucking continue to live and fuck your rich #horsecock husband because you have nothing left to prove to simps. You work hard and you’re about your money so why the fuck does that need defending? Just raise your beautiful fucking baby girl; that in of itself will make you forget about all this fucking mentally ill madness.Rip a page out of Rihanna’s “don’t give a fuck kiss my narrow yellow ass book” and don’t look back or you’ll be like Lot’s wife. Rhi learned on some super early early shit to make her damnself happy (it’s one of the benefits of having a crackhead daddy) and now nigs just know that she gives zero fucks about riding dirty in the same car that Chris con caved her face in. She’s fucking happy and she loves that dance his ass off half-wit psychotic ninja. She doesn’t allow the cowardly self-righteous who act like they’ve “never hopped on the wrong dick” to invade her holy ground. And when Chris isn’t around she dry humps purple haze, snatches magazine covers and flashes her ass crack for kicks. Period end of story.

Just remember who you are because these over critical “like you drowned their puppy” assholes have no good intentions for your legacy or your life. They want your baby to have a touch of downs, they want Jay to be caught with his dick in a jar of Kanye peanut butter, and more importantly they really want to see your ass fall down a flight of stairs on a banana peel in front of Keisha, Keri, Ciara, Ashanti, Gaga, Brandy, Kelly and those other three non singing ass rejects that your daddy kindly kicked to the curb. The public is now on code-orange blood thirsty type level for you. Thank heavens for Mama Tina and her roots boxes. They keep you and baby blue out of harms way. The devil is a lie!

Just remember that America has always been uncomfortable with too much success for one person #Oprah #Barack #Cosby #Jordan #Kobe #Tiger’s simp ass and nigs simply repeat what they’ve been taught. Instead of admitting that they hate themselves and their miserable lives they’ll blame you cause it’s just more fucking fun when it’s done that way. You’ve just got to let them stew in their toxics juices till the meat slides off their bones. Bow Down is a chopped and screwed headbanger and it’s about damn time you slap the stupidity of perfection in the mouth and tell it to have a good day.

Defender of Money.

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